It’s really exciting to be answering these questions which Chloe of It Started in Oxford posed to myself and four other bloggers a few days ago as part of the Sisters of the World Bloggers Award. It’s exciting too because it’s my birthday, because my old blog has been dormant for months, and because this is my first post on this new blog! I’ve finally moved to wordpress (and the world sighed a sigh of relief).


To new beginnings!


1. What is your favourite thing about where you currently live?

That place is currently Oxford, and so in many ways it’s difficult to pick a favourite thing. There’s the mornings, but they’re good everywhere… and then there’s the impromptu nature of the city – one day there’s a craft market, the next day a concert, the next day it’s May Day and morris dancers jangle in and out of cafes. Perhaps my favourite thing is watching tourists explore and be amazed by the city. After four years here, one thing I struggle with is trying to love it as much as I used to, so watching them helps.


2. What is your favourite colour?

Green, for the hackneyed reason that it reminds me of plants and trees. Best of all in this respect are lush forest greens, like L’Oreal’s Green Couture.

3. Tell us a fact about yourself.

My first word was ‘Moon’. Although there’s no rationale behind being proud of your first word, I’m proud of that.

4. Have you ever been told that you look like a celebrity? If so, who?

Not really – although when my friends used to do those ‘celebrity face match’ tests online, the computer was always convinced that I was East Asian. I’m not aware of any Japanese/Korean/Chinese blood in my family, and the fact that that’s the most interesting anecdote I have there maybe shows that I don’t really look like anybody! Having just done it again, apparently I look like Erika Sawajiri – she’s beautiful and successful, so colour me flattered!


5. Where do you want to live and why?

There’s a list as long as my arm of places which I’d like to live, and I’m currently torn between staying here in Oxford for two more years or heading out to go live in those places after the end of my undergrad. Funnily enough, seeing as Chloe lives there at the moment, Georgia is actually near the top of my list at the moment! I’ve been looking at teaching jobs over there, but haven’t found anything too promising yet. I’ve been interested in Georgia since I stumbled across pictures of Svaneti, and this year I took some Georgian language lessons but almost nothing stuck…

Another place I still do and have always wanted to live is Iceland or mainland Scandinavia. Also I want to live in Scotland – having been half-Scottish all my life but having never lived there is a real chip on my shoulder.

In terms of settling down, it’s got to be Germany, Scandinavia or the Netherlands. Can’t imagine myself anywhere else.

6. Favourite song at the moment? Give us a link so we can listen!

It’s not a song actually. As finals are bearing down right now, I’ve been listening to lyric-less classical music, and my favourite piece is Smetana’s Vltava.

7. What is your favourite feature about yourself?

My freckles, because they mean that summer is here, and that I’ve been spending time outside.

8. Tell us something that made you smile recently.

I actually write down one good thing every day on my calendar (Mindfulness works!), so I have a little catalogue of these. Yesterday, some friends and I entered a charity pub quiz in my college and actually ended up coming last despite our best efforts! But we won a wooden spoon and the winners won nothing so I think we really did come out on top.


9. What’s your opinion on street performers?

Oxford being jam-packed with them, I have plenty of experience to go off of. On the whole, I don’t have a stance (i.e for and against). It’s a shame that I don’t have time more often to stop and watch, especially the more impressive feats. There are some really excellent musicians here, and right below my window there’s sometimes a man who juggles with fire. That’s something amazing to see from above! What I don’t really like is when buskers come on the train, which used to happen a lot when I lived in Berlin, and when the music wasn’t so good you couldn’t just walk away…

10. If you could travel through time, which era would you visit and why?

I would love to not just visit but live in the early 20th century in Germany. It was a time of creative and political revolt, a breaking of chains that produced some of the boldest, most bizarre and most brave pieces of art of the preceding and following centuries. I want to meet poets breaking the boundaries of verse, playwrights rejecting realism, and painters expressing their anguish onto canvas, not just mirroring life but creating it. And war brings its own effect on literature. Learning about the literature and art of that time has been the high point of my studies at Oxford (I study German and Linguistics). Right now, I’m reading the autobiography of a young expressionist playwright of the time, Ernst Toller, called ‘I Was a German’ (‘Eine Jugend in Deutschland’ in German). It makes me want to break through history and kiss him for caring so much about the world around him.

Der Mandrill - Franz Marc


Thank you again, Chloe, for asking those questions, and for bringing me back to the world of blogging. I recommend everyone go check out her site straight away for funny and thoughtful reflections on life in Georgia. I would like to nominate Ellie, Eleanor and Tone (who has set her blog to private, but trust me, she’s great). Sadly I don’t know any other bloggers… yet.

  1. What were you afraid of as a child?
  2. Why did you choose to live where you live now (be that country, city, house…)?
  3. What do you think is one thing that politicians forget too often?
  4. Have you got a favourite flavour of tea?
  5. What’s one hairstyle you wish you could pull off?
  6. Is love an emotion?
  7. What’s your favourite kind of rain?
  8. Who is your role model in terms of womanhood?
  9. Where would you like to turn up without a map and just explore for an off-the-cuff weekend?
  10. What’s a poem that moves you?

One thought on “Q+A

  1. Love your answers! If you come to Georgia I’d be more than happy to give you some tips, although I’m yet to visit Svaneti too… If I can learn the language enough to live then I don’t doubt that you can too! Glad to see you blogging, you have a wonderful way with words (:

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